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Why A Home Bakery?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Why A Home Bakery? ABC Bakery, Jackson County Premier Online Bakery.

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Every sale is important to us. Word of mouth is our most effect advertising and each customer becomes an advertising agent. I can quickly point out three reasons for going to a home bakery.

The first, I have already discussed. We have to go the extra mile to make each and every customer happy. We depend on referrals and return business. Second, everything is made to order. We don't have shelves full of mixes and freezers full of already made product. Everything I make is scratch made from fresh (or fresh frozen in the case of some fruits), top quality ingredients. Third, we make what you want from tried and true recipes. Some of my recipes have been used by at least four generations. I have over 1,000 cookie cutters and 30 flavors for macarons so you don't have to take only what's on the shelf. Give me a day and I will have exactly what you want from only the best recipes.

Most of us do this because we love to bake. In my case, it has been a lifelong dream so challenge us to make your next event a little more special.

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